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This is sparkle poi! Poi was created in New Zealand by the Maori people. It is the rhythmic spinning of weights on string. Modern versions include glow poi and sparkle poi. Glow poi uses LEDs or glowsticks to create colorful patterns, and sparkle poi uses lit steel wool. As the steel wool burns, parts fly off causing the effect seen above. I would guess a blue filter has been added, as it normally looks like this


did you know that if you spin in the opposite direction that the earth is rotating then you will slowly float up to the sky and out into space

How do you think I shower?


Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring 2014



500,000 notes and i’ll get this tattooed on my ass 


please fucking reblog this

But really I just like the manga strip.



Tattoo done by Chad Lenjer.

The guy on the left, since he shows clear disgust with having his picture taken suddenly without permission. The guy on the right has had so little sleep that his grip on reality and emotions has left him